Right-Wing Authoritarianism

Bob Altemeyer (Author)

First published in 1981, this still-timely volume surveys the history of social psychological research on right-wing authoritarianism and describes a more fruitful direction for future work. It concludes with a disturbing comment on the pervasiveness of authoritarian behaviour in our society.

About the Author

Bob Altemeyer’s research on the psychological makeup of authoritarian leaders and followers has established him as the recognized expert in the field. He is the author of The Authoritarians and many other titles. Altemeyer taught psychology at the University of Manitoba and was awarded the American Association for the Advancement of Science Prize for Behavioral Science Research in 1986.

Book Details

  • Right-Wing Authoritarianism
  • Bob Altemeyer (Author)
  • Published January 1981, 364 pages
  • Cloth, ISBN: 9780887551246, 6 × 9, $0.00
  • Paper, ISBN: 9780887558832, 6 × 9, $0.00
  • Topic(s): Political Studies, Social History

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