Perspectives on Women in the 1980s

Joan Turner (Editor), Lois Emery (Editor)


We are now fifteen years into the second wave of feminism, and public opinion polls show majority support for all the basic issues raised by the women’s movement. This collection of articles focuses on strategies and directions for the movement that will enable all women to benefit from changing attitudes in the 1980s.

About the Authors

Joan Turner is a therapist in private practice. She taught at the Faculty of Social Work, University of Manitoba, for nearly twenty years, and was owner of Bold Print, Inc., a women's bookstore, for eight.

Table of Contents

There Comes a Time by Joan Turner
Perspectives on Women in the 1980s: The Baird Poskanzer Memorial Lecture by Gloria Steinem
The Power Politics of Motherhood by Helen Levine
Poverty: The Feminine Complaint by Dorothy O’Connell
Native Women and the State by Marlene Pierre-Aggamaway
Feminist Counselling: Approach or Technique by Helen Levine
Women as Providers and Consumers by Helen Levine, Dorothy O’Connell, and Marlene Pierre-Aggamaway
The Electronic Sweatshop by Judith Gregory
Women, Families and the State by Margrit Eichler
Romantic Love and Reproductive Rights by Deirdre English
Strategies for the Eighties by Margrit Eichler, Deirdre English, Judy Erola, and Judith Gregory
Change, Hope and Celebration by Joan Turner
Selected Readings and Resources by Kim Clare and Sheila Gordon