Planting the Garden

An Annotated Archival Bibliography of the History of Women in Manitoba

Mary Kinnear (Author), Vera Fast (Author)


This bibliography of archival sources on the history of women in Manitoba, includes material pre-1867 right until 1970s. It categories sources into general three parts focussed on identity, work and activities, and mentality, faith, and reform. Exploring women from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, it provides inroads into researching women roles in agriculture, business, education and health but also women and sexuality, women and culture, and women and politics.

About the Authors

Table of Contents

I. Identity
Biographical, Autobiographical, and Local History Collections Pre-1867. Fur Trade and the Red River Settlement Native Life, Immigration and Ethnicity
Native Population
Immigration – General, British, French, German, Jewish, Ukrainian, Polish, Icelandic/Scandinavian, Other
II. Work and Activities
Women in Agriculture, Business, Education, Health
Women and Sexuality, Law, Government, and Politics
Women in Non-Traditional Disciplines
Women and Volunteer Work, War, Welfare and Social Services
Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Centres for the Aged, Child and Home Improvement Associations, Crime, Delinquency and Violence, Welfare and Social Services, Social Services–Welfare Associations and Relief Agencies
III. Mentality, Faith, Reform
Women and Religion
The Anglican Church, The Greek Orthodox Church, The Lutheran Church, The Mennonite Church, The Roman Catholic Church, The Ukrainian Catholic Church, The United Church of Canada, Other Churches
Women and Culture
Art, Dance, Letters, Music, Sport, Theatre
Women and Reform
Appendix–Selected photographs collections