Prairie Spirit

Perspectives on the Heritage of the United Church of Canada in the West


Written in celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of the United Church of Canada and prepared by the Archives Committee of the Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario, this collection of articles explores, in fifteen articles, the issues and concerns of the prairie congregations of the Presbyterian, Methodist, and Congregational Churches that combined in 1925 to for the United Church of Canada. The volume also includes six short essays about unique congregations, two bibliographic guides on archive holdings, and a charming photo essay on historic churches in Manitoba and northwestern Ontario.

About the Authors

Dennis L. Butcher is minister at Atlantic-Garden City United Church, Winnipeg.

Catherine Macdonald is archivist at the United Church Archives, Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario, Winnipeg

Margaret E. McPherson is assistant to the archivist at the United Church Archives, Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario, Winnipeg

Raymond R. Smith is pastoral associate at Charleswood United Church, Winnipeg

A. McKibbin Watts is dean of the Faculty of Theology, University of Winnipeg

Table of Contents

Foreword by The Right Rev. Robert F. Smith
Foreword by The Rev. Robert P. Hamlin
A guided tour of church architecture in the Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario: A photo essay by Donald Ross
British Methodists and the Hudson’s Bay Company, 1840–1854 by Gerald Hutchinson
As others saw us by John Badertscher
John Black by James D. Marnoch
James Robertson and Presbyterian Church extension in Manitoba and the North West, 1866–1902 by Catherine Macdonald
The Woodsworths: James and J.S.—father and son by Benjamin Smillie
Congregationalism in Manitoba, 1879–1937 by J. Clark Saunders
Head, heart and purse: The Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Society in Canada, 1876–1925 by Margaret E. McPherson
John Mark King: First principal of Manitoba College by Gordon Harland
“Keeping Canada God’s Country”: Presbyterian school-homes for Ruthenian children by Michael Owen
Nellie L. McClung: A part of a pattern by Carol L. Hancock
Salem Bland and the spirituality of the social gospel: Winnipeg and the West, 1903–1913 by Richard Allen
The Labor Church in Winnipeg by Vera Fast
Principal J.H. Riddell: The sane and safe leader of Wesley College by Gerald Friesen
A heritage of healing: Church hospital and medical work in Manitoba, 1900–1977 by Raymond R. Smith
Church union and western Canada by N. Keith Clifford
The Chinese United Church of Winnipeg by Raymond R. Smith
George Roddick: A man with a dream by Murray McPherson
Cadurcis: A very rural church by Hartley Harland
Dand United Church by J. Clark Saunders
Blest be the tie by Sue Obee
A long goodbye to Mother Church by Ian Macdonald
Appendix !: Guide to the United Church Archives, Conference of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario by Catherine Macdonald
Appendix II: The Central Archives of the United Church of Canada: A bibliographic note on Manitoba and northwestern Ontario by Neil Semple
Editors and contributors