Understanding the Manitoba Election 2019

Campaigns, Participation, and Issues

Royce Koop (Editor), Barry Ferguson (Editor), Karine Levasseur (Editor), Andrea Rounce (Editor), Kiera L. Ladner (Editor)


Understanding the Manitoba Election 2019 offers an early analysis of the campaign and insights into the decision that Manitoba voters made on September 10, 2019.

This open-access publication features contributions from a team of experts who followed the campaign and contribute not just to a post-election review, but also to the major discussions that will permeate provincial life over the next four years.

The thirteen chapters included here examine critical pieces of the election and how Manitobans understand and experience democracy in 2019—the activities and performance of the three main political parties; analysis of participants outside political parties in the 2019 election, including pollsters, unions, and the disability community; representation and diversity; the campaign itself, including turnout, campaigning, and voting; and key public policy issues, including health, poverty, and the impact of balanced budget legislation and rhetoric. 

Published in association with the University of Manitoba’s Duff Roblin Chair in Government.

About the Authors

Royce Koop writes about political parties, representation, local politics, and online political communication. He is the author of Grassroots Liberals: Organizing for Local National Politics (UBC Press, 2015), which won the 2014 Seymour Martin Lipset Best Book Award from the American Political Science Association, and, with Peter J. Loewen, Jaime Settle, and James H. Fowler, “A Natural Experiment in Proposal Power and Electoral Success,” American Journal of Political Science 58, no. 1 (2014).

Barry Ferguson is a Professor of History and currently Duff Roblin Professor of Manitoba Government at the University of Manitoba. His work is in political ideas in Canada, particularly liberalism and federalism, as well as provincial politics and government.

Karine Levasseur is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Studies at the University of Manitoba.

Andrea Rounce is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Studies at the University of Manitoba.

Kiera L. Ladner is Canada Research Chair and Associate Professor in at the University of Manitoba. Her current SSHRC-funded research includes: a digital archives in marginalized communities project with Shawna Ferris; and a comparative Indigenous constitutional law and politics project. She is also working on an Indigenous response to Canada@150 collection with Myra Tait.

Other contributors: Christopher Adams, Curtis Brown, Shreya Ghimire, Joan Grace, Jesse Hajer, Rory Henry, Alan Katz, Allen Mills, Dane E.H. Monkman, Aaron A. Moore, James P. Mulvale, Kelly Saunders, Mary Agnes Welch