Tiffany Ayalik, Narrator of Sanaaq Audiobook

We have some exciting audiobook production in the works—meet the narrator!

One of the books we’re currently working on is Sanaaq, which recently had a community centre in Montreal named after it.

Tiffany Ayalik, the audiobook narrator of Sanaaq, is an Inuk performer, born and brought up in Yellowknife. Combining knowledge learned from her elders, with her work as an actor and singer, Tiffany creates unique and powerful performances that include theatre, storytelling, music, and education. Tiffany produces film and TV with her producing partner Caroline Cox and their company, Copper Quartz Media. As an actress and producer, Tiffany is known for her work on The Last Walk (2017), Little Dog (2018) and Molly of Denali (2019). Tiffany often collaborates with musical partner Greyson Gritt and sister, Inuksuk Mackay in their Juno-award winning band, Quantum Tangle. Taaqtuq Ubluriaq: Dark Star is the latest album by Tiffany’s duo PIQSIQ, a collaboration with her sister Inuksuk Mackay.

Tiffany recently narrated Leanne Betasamosake Simpson’s retelling of Anishinaabeg stories, The Gift Is in the Making. Pre-order your copy now!

About Sanaaq

Sanaaq is an intimate story of an Inuit family negotiating the changes brought into their community by the coming of the qallunaat, the white people. Composed in 48 episodes, it recounts the daily life of Sanaaq, a strong and outspoken young widow, her daughter Qumaq, and their small semi-nomadic community in northern Quebec. Here they live their lives hunting seal, repairing their kayak, and gathering mussels under blue sea ice before the tide comes in. These are ordinary extraordinary lives: marriages are made and unmade, children are born and named, violence appears in the form of a fearful husband or a hungry polar bear. Here the spirit world is alive and relations with non-humans are never taken lightly. And under it all, the growing intrusion of the qallunaat and the battle for souls between the Catholic and Anglican missionaries threatens to forever change the way of life of Sanaaq and her young family.

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