All Our Changes

Images from the Sixties Generation

Gerry Kopelow (Author), Doug Smith (Introduction)


The 1960s defined a generation. Young people across North America rebelled against the conservative, consumer-driven society of the 1950s and spawned a social revolution that was felt the world over. Photographer Gerry Kopelow came of age in the late sixties. At the age of eighteen, with camera in hand he hit the road on a cross-country photographic journey that took him from Winnipeg to Toronto and Ottawa. All Our Changes: Images from the Sixties Generation chronicles that journey and the shared experiences of a generation that was redefining the nature of personal identity and societal responsibility. All Our Changes is a stunning collection of 160 black and white photographs taken between 1968 and 1970. These images capture the innocence and earnestness of the early Canadian hippie movement, from political protests and speakers’ corners, to Festival Express and the Mariposa Folk Festival. Joni Mitchell is here, as are the Guess Who, but so are everyday kids hitching rides, hanging out, and, one by one, forever changing the Canadian political and cultural landscape.


"All Our Changes is a valuable document of a fascinating era, and a profound meditation on place, possibility, and culture. In spite of time passed, these photos, like old friends, know who we are."- John K. Samson, lead singer of the Weakerthans


Manuela Dias Best Illustrated Book of the Year (2009)

About the Authors

Gerry Kopelow is a veteran photographer specializing in architectural photography and photography of the performing arts. His textbooks on photography, which include Architectural Photography the Digital Way and How to Photograph Buildings and Interiors, are distributed worldwide and are respected as definitive works in the field. He lectures at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and the Cooper Union School of Architecture in New York, while operating a photography studio in Winnipeg.

Doug Smith has written more than ten non-fiction books, most recently, Big Death: Funeral Planning in the Age of Corporate Death Care. He is a former Maclean’s Magazine correspondent and has written for This Magazine, Canadian Forum, Border Crossings, and both the Winnipeg Free Press and Sun newspapers. He has also written extensively for CBC radio on both theirIdeas and Information Radio programs.