Monuments to Faith

Ukrainian Churches in Manitoba

Basil Rotoff (Author), Roman Yereniuk (Author), Stella Hryniuk (Author)


Ukrainians first came to Canada a century ago, seeking a new life on the western prairies. They brought with them an ancient and rich cultural tradition, deeply rooted in Christianity. The most visible symbol of this tradition is the Ukrainian church with its distinctive cupolas. As soon as the settlers were established in the new land, they began to reshape their environment by building churches in the styles they remembered from their homeland.

In this richly illustrated volume, the authors trace the continuity of tradition in achitecture, art, and community life from Ukraine to the parishes of the Manitoba prairie. In a detailed examination of the exteriors and interiors of forty-nine churches, the book establishes a typology of Ukrainian church designs. Biographies of the architects, master builders, and artists are included, along with a guide to the art and architecture of a Ukrainian church.

About the Authors

Basil Rotoff is a Senior Scholar in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba.

Roman Yereniuk is principal of St. Andrew's College and is a professor in its Faculty of Theology.

Stella Hryniuk holds a Canada Research Fellowship in the Department of History at the University of Manitoba.