Stories of the House People

Told by Peter Vandall and Joe Douquette


Ten Stories of the House People, plains Cree from north of the North Saskatchewan River, told by Peter Vandall and Joe Douquette to Freda Ahenakew. In Cree with English translations, Cree-English and English-Cree glossaries and an outline of the writing system. The term wâskahikaniwiyiniwak ‘House People’ was traditionally used for the Plains Cree groups clustering around Carlton House.

About the Author

Freda Ahenakew (1932–2011), founding Director of the Saskatchewan Indian Languages Institute, earned her MA in Cree linguistics at the University of Manitoba. In 1997 she was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Saskatchewan. She was made a member of the Order of Canada in 1998.

Table of Contents

The Story-Tellers and their Stories
Stories of the House People
Beign Cree (Peter Vandall)
Cree Education (Joe Douquette)
Social Control (Peter Vandall)
The Old and the New (Joe Douquette)
A Fast Learner (Peter Vandall)
Wishful Thinking (Joe Douquette)
The Longest Memory (Peter Vandall)
Rags to Riches (Peter Vandall)
The Best Dancer (Peter Vandall)
Life of a Trapper (Joe Douquette)
Notes on the Orthography and the Glossary
Cree-English Glossary
Inverse Stem Index
English Index to the Glossary