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Curtis Brown

Curtis Brown is a longtime Manitoba political analyst and pollster. He worked as a reporter and editorial page editor with the Brandon Sun and has been a frequent op-ed contributor to the Winnipeg Free Press. He is a former vice-president with Winnipeg’s Probe Research Inc. and currently works in Toronto as a senior research associate with Environics’ Corporate and Public Affairs practice.

Understanding the Manitoba Election 2016

Campaigns, Participation, Issues, Place

Karine Levasseur (Editor), Andrea Rounce (Editor), Barry Ferguson (Editor) + others

An analysis of the 2016 Manitoba election.

Manitoba Politics and Government

Issues, Institutions, Traditions

Paul Thomas (Editor), Curtis Brown (Editor)

Manitoba Politics and Government brings together the work of political scientists, historians, sociologists, economists, public servants, and journalists to present a comprehensive analysis of the province’s political life and its “mutual fund model” approach to economic and social policy that mirrors the nature of its citizens.