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J.M. Bumsted

J.M. Bumsted is the author of many popular and scholarly books on Canadian history, including Fur Trade Wars, The Dictionary of Manitoba Biography, and the widely used textbook The Canadian Peoples: A History.

Lord Selkirk

A Life

J.M. Bumsted (Author)

The product of three decades of research, this is the definitive biography of Lord Selkirk.

St. John's College

Faith and Education in Western Canada

J.M. Bumsted (Author)

Reporting the Resistance

Alexander Begg and Joseph Hargrave on the Red River Resistance

J.M. Bumsted (Editor)

Reporting the Resistance brings together two first-person accounts to give a view "from the ground" of the developments in 1869 and 1870 that shocked Canada and created the province of Manitoba.

The University of Manitoba

An Illustrated History

J.M. Bumsted (Author)

Thomas Scott's Body

And Other Essays on Early Manitoba History

J.M. Bumsted (Author)

J.M. Bumsted (Author)

J.M. Bumsted (Author)