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University of Manitoba Icelandic Studies

An essential collection of critical editions focussing on early Western European sagas and legal texts. (ISSN 0709-2997)

Series Editors: Haraldur Bessason and Robert J. Glendinning; Kirsten Wolf 

Andrew Dennis (Translator), Peter Foote (Translator), Richard Perkins (Translator)

The laws of Medieval Iceland provide detailed and fascinating insight into the society that produced the Icelandic sagas. Known collectively as Gragas (Greygoose), this great legal code offers a wealth of information about early European legal systems and the society of the Middles Ages.

Jon Johannesson (Author), Haraldur Bessason (Translator)

This pioneering work of historiography provides a comprehensive history of Iceland from 870 A.D. to the end of the Commonwealth in 1262.

Herman Palsson (Translator), Paul Edwards (Translator)

Iceland was the last country in Europe to become inhabited, and we know more about the beginnings and early history of Icelandic society than we do of any other in the Old World. This world was vividly recounted in The Book of Settlements, first compiled by the first Icelandic historians in the thirteenth century.

Andrew Dennis (Translator), Peter Foote (Translator)