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Patricia Bovey

Patricia Bovey, LLD, FRSA, FCMA, is former director of the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and adjunct professor of Art History at the University of Winnipeg. She writes and lectures widely on Canadian art. She has served as a board member, and expert advisor to the National Gallery of Canada. Patricia Bovey was appointed to the Senate of Canada in 2016.

Patricia Bovey (Author)

Throughout her remarkable career as a gallery director, curator, and author, Patricia Bovey has been a tireless champion for the work of Canadian artists. Western Voices in Canadian Art brings this lifelong passion to a crescendo, delivering the most ambitious survey of Western Canadian art to date.

Don Proch

Masking and Mapping

Patricia Bovey (Author)

Manitoba artist Don Proch is recognized as one of the most influential visual artists to come out of western Canada, and his work can be found in Canada’s major art galleries. Richly illustrated with more than 80 plates, this book discusses the themes and influences behind his work and their context within the history of Canadian art.