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Dale Barbour

Dale Barbour grew up on a farm in Manitoba, and worked in journalism and communications before getting hooked on history. He completed his PhD in history at the University of Toronto in 2018 and is currently the University of Winnipeg’s H. Sanford Riley Postdoctoral Fellow.

Undressed Toronto

From the Swimming Hole to Sunnyside, How a City Learned to Love the Beach, 1850–1935

Dale Barbour (Author)

Undressed Toronto challenges assumptions about class, the urban environment, and the presentation of the naked body in five Toronto environments.

Winnipeg Beach

Leisure and Courtship in a Resort Town, 1900-1967

Dale Barbour (Author)

Through photographs, interviews, and newspaper clippings, Dale Barbour takes us into the heart of the turn-of-the-century resort area of Winnipeg Beach and introduces us to some of the people who worked, played and lived there.