Books – Military History

  • Propaganda and Persuasion

    The Cold War and the Canadian-Soviet Friendship Society

    Jennifer Anderson (Author)

    A Cold War struggle for the hearts and minds of Canadians.

    Published April 2017 | History, Military History

  • Two Years Below the Horn

    Operation Tabarin, Field Science, and Antarctic Sovereignty

    Andrew Taylor (Author), Daniel Heidt (Editor), P. Whitney Lackenbauer (Editor)

    Invited to participate, asked to lead: this is Taylor’s account of his Antarctic adventure.

    Published April 2017 | History, Military History

  • From the Tundra to the Trenches

    Eddy Weetaltuk (Author), Thibault Martin (Editor)

    The world through the eyes of an Inuit soldier.

    Published February 2017 | First Voices, First Texts, Autobiography, History, Indigenous Studies, Military History

  • Sounding Thunder

    The Stories of Francis Pegahmagabow

    Brian D. McInnes (Author)

    The stories of Canada’s most decorated Indigenous soldier.

    Published September 2016 | Critical Studies in Native History, Autobiography, History, Indigenous Studies, Military History

  • The Patriotic Consensus

    Unity, Morale, and the Second World War in Winnipeg

    Jody Perrun (Author)

    Winnipeg’s response to the Second World War.

    Published September 2014 | History, Military History

  • For King and Kanata

    Canadian Indians and the First World War

    Timothy C. Winegard (Author)

    The first comprehensive history of the Aboriginal First World War experience on the battlefield and the home front.

    Published January 2012 | History, Indigenous Studies, Military History

  • Winnipeg’s Great War

    A City Comes of Age

    Jim Blanchard (Author)

    Winnipeg’s Great War picks up in 1914, just as the city is regrouping after a brief economic downturn. War comes unexpectedly, thoughts of recovery are abandoned, and the city digs in for a hard-fought four years. Using letters, diaries, and newspaper reports, Jim Blanchard brings us into the homes and public offices of Winnipeg and its citizens to illustrate the profound effect the war had on every aspect of the city, from its politics and economy, to its men on the battlefield and its war-weary families fighting on the homefront.

    Published September 2010 | History, Military History

  • For All We Have and Are

    Regina and the Experience of the Great War

    James M. Pitsula (Author)

    The First World War profoundly affected every community in Canada. In Regina, the politics of national identity, the rural myth, and the social gospel all lent a distinctive flavour to the city’s experience of the Great War. Skillfully combining vivid detail with the larger social context, For All We Have and Are provides a nuanced picture of how one Canadian community rebuilt both its realities and myths in response to the cataclysm of the “war to end all wars.”

    Published November 2008 | History, Military History